Claudia Conrad - Lead Vocalist


Claudia Conrad has performed in the Bay Area as a vocalist for more than 15 years.  

As the co-founder and lead vocalist of several rock bands, she wrote and recorded a highly acclaimed CD,

from which two songs received national attention on television and in international syndication.  

Claudia is currently performing in Jazz and Big Bands, an acoustic trio and more 

in clubs and venues throughout the Bay Area. 



David Eisenberg - Drummer

Stage Name: Einstein
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: blue
Instruments: Sticks, stones, pots, pans, anything you can bang on! Seriously, DW custom collector’s series. Ludwig, Gretch, Constantinople cymbals.
Best gig ever: San Francisco polo fields after a Bay to Breakers race. Limo, trailer, catered food, big press coverage
Worst gig ever: tbd
Weirdest gig ever: Nude Stock at Laguna Del Sol, playing for 2500 naked people outside Sacramento
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: Joan Jett
Musician that you cannot stand: Art Garfunkel
Your philosophy towards music in one catchy phrase: “I don’t want to play; I just want to bang on de drum all day!”



BRUNO WONG - BASS Player Extrordinaire

Bruno Wong hails from San Francisco, Bruno played in a Heavy Metal Charango Band in Peru, First Metal band to play Machu Pichu, he bit the head off a Hamster and became an internet Sensation.

Terrence Healy - Lead Guitarist

Christopher Innocente Trevisan - Keyboards

 Christopher Innocente Trevisan

Mr. Trevisan learned piano by ear and had traditional lessons through elementary and high school. He wrote his first song by age 5 and played his first live gig for pay by 14. At 17 years of age he was employed at the Elizabethan Inn, downtown San Jose as their piano bar performer and was featured every Friday and Saturday during his senior year in high school.  

Christopher holds a BA in Music from Azusa Pacific University. In addition to keyboards, he is an accomplished lead singer, and can play guitar, mandolin, and harmonica. He is also an instructor and has numerous Piano Prodigies in progress.

He started performing in local top 40 bands in high school: bands such as Savor', Destiny and 'Steamers', a Surf Music Nostalgic Review. He has composed and recorded music for the Harn Soper Music Library and is featured on series 2 and 3. 

 In addition to secular music, Mr. Trevisan has worked as a pastor of worship and has supported worship ministries as the chief musician of New Life Church in Cupertino, and Los Gatos Christian Church in Los Gatos CA. 

Later in his career he was the keyboardist and vocalist in Doghouse Riley and Oliver Harris' 'Oliver and Friends', both blues bands that held regular weekly spots at J.J.'s Blues, the premier Blues Nightclub in the Bay Area. More recently he has served as a sideman in the corporate music cover band, 'The Crocodiles', and writes and records his own compositions which will be available online by April of 2015 under the monicker of "Innocente."